July 2011 – Air Conditioning Installation

Most homes or business only have air conditioning filters to filter the air that we breathe. But how clean is that air that we breathe when we are working or sleeping? The Air Conditioning filter does help filter some of the air and catch some of the dust. But is it helping make your air cleaner to breath? Most will say yes but I am sure the air is not being filtered properly. One solution to this problem is air purifiers. Medical facilities use these air cleaners. I don’t see how a medical center can operate without the air purifiers with the risk of infection present. Air conditioning filters can only do so much to help clean the air. These filters maybe clean about twenty percent of the air. This may cause problems for people who have allergies. People who have allergies to pets are real sensitive to the air that they breathe. Home air purifiers can help clean the air and help friends and family members avoid having allergy attacks.


One way to help you clean the air in your home or business is to purchase home air purifiers. If you purchase the correct home air purifiers you will see a huge difference. These purifiers clean air, mold, bacteria, and mildew. Some whole house air cleaners even kill viruses. Some have a high energy filtration field to filter out even more air. This high energy field actually destroys the DNA makeup of black mold, bacteria and viruses. These home air purifiers are also great for getting rid of tobacco smell, pet dander and pet odors. They can also be used in the kitchen to remove cooking odors and also plumbing leak odors. There are many uses for home air purifiers that once you use one you will see the air is not stale but refreshing. There are many different air purifiers you can purchase in hardware stores or even online. There are small, medium and top of the line home air purifiers. The smaller ones usually called portable room air cleaners are basically used for small areas. These could be used for a small office and also the bathrooms. These have also been used for some hospital rooms to help intensive care patients breathe cleaner air. The midsize version of these air purifiers is called home air purifiers. These better suited for larger areas of your home or even a large office. Place one in your bedroom and living room areas and you will see a huge difference in the quality of the air that you are breathing. If you need a larger air purifier there are whole house air cleaners that you can purchase. These are used for people who live in big houses or people who work in a large office. You can even place them in your garage or a room that has just been painted. These whole house air cleaners work efficiently and are very quiet when they are turned on.

These portable room air cleaners can clean the air in your house. By cleaning the air and the germs in your house you will actually breathe better air and in turn you will feel more refreshed. Portable room air cleaners can be the basis to living in a healthier environment. Your health will be the first sign it is worth the money you spent.