November 2010 – Air Conditioning Installation Part Two

All four of these types of electric fans can help lower your electric bill. Air conditioning units operate by using cooling fluids and it takes much more energy to convert hot outside air to cool air and to remove water vapor from the air. Fans, on the other hand, just circulate air around the room and use much less electricity.


When shopping for a fan, choose a brand that is inexpensive but carries and energy star rating. This will give you a fan that gives you the most power, while using the least amount of energy. In order to achieve maximum benefit from a fan, be sure they are properly located. You don’t want to bring additional warm air into the home where it is not wanted. Drawing air in from the sunny side of the home will only increase the discomfort level.

Tips to Cool Your Home Using Fans The following tips will help you use your fans effectively to cool your home. Use cross ventilation. You shouldn’t need a fan going in every room to cool your home. By placing a powerful fan in one room and then opening any adjoining doors, you can direct the fan to blow the air to the next rooms. Placing an exhaust fan high on the ceiling will also help to keep air in constant motion. To cross ventilate a home, open any windows that arent’ facing the sun to allow cool air to enter. By closing windows that are facing the sun, and shielding them with curtains, you can lower the temperature of your room quicker. Position electric fans perpendicular to open windows, so any incoming air is circulated immediately. On calm, windless days, position the fan at the other end of the room, facing the window. If it is very hot and humid, then an electric fan may do you little good on its own. If you have an air conditioning unit, turn it on low cool or fan mode, then use the electric fan to circulate the hot air. On its own, the air conditioning unit will take up more energy as the humid air will be difficult to cool. The electric fan, on its own, will use more energy, as it will have to be operated at higher, faster settings, and for a longer time, before it can finally cool the air.

Running fans in rooms that are not occupied is not an energy efficient way to use a fan. If a room is not use, close the door and turn off the fan. Remember to open the door in the evening when it is cooler to allow air circulation so a buildup of mold is not created, especially in humid conditions.